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Powerhouse Consulting

What We Do

  • Powerhouse Consulting develops a comprehensive marketing strategy that does just that and puts your company on the right foot to succeed – whether you are just starting out, or have been around for awhile. You can trust them to research, enquire and analyze until they know your company and your market. They will be there for you, working with you step-by-step, optimizing your strengths, giving you a place ahead of your competition and making sure you know how to stay there. Knowledge is power. PHC puts power in your hands.
  • PHC specializes in sustainable planning and marketing strategies that meet your needs and respond to the rapidly evolving digital marketplace. The Internet’s role in business is making ever-increasing demands at a relentless pace. Marketing plans must take best advantage of the burgeoning opportunities and accommodate the changing landscape for global business. For success, your brand needs to have a strong presence in every relevant avenue. Are you prepared to meet that challenge? Or does it all sound overwhelming?
  • This is their strength. Their knowledge is practical, not theoretical. The partners at Powerhouse Consulting are successful business owners teaching people to be successful business owners. They come to their clients with skills and abilities that have been honed in the field. Their experience can save you from or get you out of a jam, because they recognize the pitfalls and know how to find the remedies.
  • Powerhouse Consulting (PHC) is the force that puts the power of success in your hands. It gives you the benefit of more than 25 years of branding and marketing expertise along with multiple entrepreneurial successes. What does that mean for you? An effective practical approach to problem solving that doesn’t get lost in untried theories.


How We Work

There isn’t much that Wil and Warren haven’t seen when it comes to entrepreneurial issues. They also are very insightful and discerning so can pinpoint things that may elude others. Knowing what you are facing is half the battle – and a very good first step.
An in-depth market analysis is done, including surveys and relevant studies. At this point they clarify what the client is looking for and how it can be found.
The PHC partners’ great problem-solving skills and experiential knowledge are balanced with a strategic intelligence. First they innovate a business model to match the needs of the client. The strategy uses different tactics to achieve the best bang-for-buck. Then they set out a step-by-step plan that attacks the problem while strengthening the company along the way.
Implementation begins and the practical wisdom of the plan becomes evident. Great people skills help here and you will find PHC excels in this regard. You cannot build a team if the abilities and culture of the people involved have not been taken into account. PHC knows that teamwork is important for full engagement throughout the company, and full engagement is necessary for success.
Once the project is complete, and reporting has been done, Powerhouse Consulting recommends networking and if needed will offer some opportunities. That doesn’t mean that they are gone! It is important for them to maintain a good relationship with their clients for two reasons: first, because you are now a part of their network; and second, because their definition of success includes sustainability.
Don’t worry if you miss them, they will be back. Keen to make sure their clients stay on track, PHC will follow-up their efforts with regular communication. They can address questions or concerns that have arisen after the project’s completion. By this phase, you should be well on your way to increased prospects and/or sales. More importantly, your brand will be recognized across the Internet and in the marketplace.